What this country needs is new paint

Putting fresh colors on the walls of the Ambulanten Versorgungsbrücken
Insgesamt 7 Plätze vorhanden.

The group room of Ambulatne Versorgungsbrücken ("Out-patient Care Bridges") is slowly getting on in years. We are looking for diligent assistants who contribute to the putting of paint on the walls and warmth into the hearts. The ambience of the room is to be revamped spring fresh.

"Together we are strong!"

Geplante Arbeiten

Patching cracks and dents in the walls.

Vorteilhafte Begabungen

Manual abilities and exercise as a painter or craftsman. Practical and creative skills.

Erwünschtes Arbeitsmaterial

Several buckets with paint, protective sheet, swab and brush.

Gesprochene Sprachen



Building and renovation

Geeignet für

Young people

Unterstützende Organisation

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Voraussichtliche Kosten

Euro 356,-

Erläuterung zu den benötigten Geldern

Purchasing materials, protective sheets, plaster, mortar, brush, tassel, more implements. Realization - incl. shared breakfast fruit for snacks.