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Whenever an idea is to be put into action, at least one person needs to take the initiative. Take the first step and dare to get something moving. Even small ideas can produce a noticeably good effect.

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Individual helper

Any activity can only be realized if there are enough protagonists. Check the list of current activities and decide where you want to participate. Through the common doing-the-good, you can get to know nice new people, sniff into facilities and gain an expanded perspective on your city.

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Donors / Promotors

Some activities require financial support. The money is used e.g. for material during a renovation, for tickets during an excursion or for participating-awards in an intercultural football tournament. You will find a button for online donations directly on the activity page for any activity that requires financial assistance. Alternatively you can also donate to Serve the City Bremen. We then pass the money on to where it is most needed. Thank you for your trust.

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Social organization

You may be interested in the realization of a STC-activity at your facility. First of all, the following is important to know: We do not have ready-made teams, that we can send to desired places. Activities always start with individuals who have an idea and want to take responsibility. Is there an employee who would like to take on such a task in your institution? Then please contact us.

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Fixed group

You want to participate for example with your company? You may want to undertake an assignment with your staff? Within the current activities this is possible at any time. If you want to do a bigger activity, we would like to point you to the "Day of Caring" offered by the Volunteer Agency Bremen (Freiwilligen-Agentur Bremen).

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